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Submit Your Mount Photographs for Possible Publication!

mountphotoWe would enjoy receiving your professional or quality photographs for possible publication in one of our upcoming catalogs. When you send us your mount (on a RM form of course) picture you have a chance of having your name and the fantastic mount that you created published! There are just a few things for you to keep in mind when taking your own pictures to send to Research Mannikins.

  1. Center the mount in the photograph, making sure that any legs, tail, hair, brisket, etc., are not cut off. We want to see all of the mount.

  2. Good lighting is everything. Are there shadows on parts of the mount that will make it hard for the camera to pick up on detail? Ensure that the whole mount is well lit. Do not photograph your mounts in your shop under fluorescent lights, take them outside on a nice overcast day for best lighting and color accuracy.

  3. Shoot your mount in front of an uncluttered background, like the side of your building. Make sure the wall is not the same color as your mount, i.e. brown wall, brown elk.

  4. Different angles, get creative! Show us your animal's best side!

  5. Make sure the photograph is in focus, every hair and detail on the mount adds to a great picture.

  6. Finally, there are two ways that you can submit your photographs:

Via email: [email protected]
Please submit your digital camera's highest quality file. In other words, if your email program aks you what quality of image to email, tell it, "largest" or "best". Be sure to include your name, company name, city and state, and the Research form stock number it was mounted on.

Via U.S. Mail:
ATTN: Advertising Department
315 West Sherman Lebanon, OR 97355

If you do send us your mount photographs through the mail,
please send them in either of the following formats:
• on a CD with the raw unchanged digital image or,
• original photograph prints from film.

Please do not send us prints from your home printer, as they do not reproduce well when scanned and printed in the catalogs. If you send us original prints, we will gladly send them back to you after we have used them, just let us know you want them back!

If you have any questions about submitting a mount photograph, don't hesitate to give us a call! We will be happy to talk with you anytime. Just ask for the advertising department.